Restaurant de la Porte Guillaume
“gastronomy at low prices”

The restaurant whose menu offers either contemporary cuisine or authentic Burgundian specialties in a relaxing setting.
The dishes are elaborated from raw, fresh products, and made on the spot by confirmed professionals.
An attentive service will offer you a selection of wines from Burgundy (in bottles or by the glass) or from other regions of France, chosen with care, to enhance your meals.

A wine cellar bar located under the restaurant will propose you to taste wines, cheeses, delicatessen or take a complete meal.

Suggestions of the moment

Our Chef and his teams present you their suggestions of the week in pictures from our Facebook page

The Card

Starters dishes
Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk and Ginger Soup 13.50 €
Game Terrine, Onion Confit with Orange 14.80 €
Beet, Haddock and Granny Apple Emulsion with Toasted Sesame Vinaigrette 14.00 €
Scottish Smoked Salmon, Honey Celery Tartar, Two Mustards and Dill 16.50 €
Six Marennes d’Oléron oysters 18.50 €

Poissons (Depending on availability)
Roasted Fillet of Royal Sea Bream, Squid Extract, Mushroom Risotto 28.00 €
Scallops in a Smoked Bacon Crust, Flat Parsley Emulsion, Parsnip Compote32.00 €
Steamed Cod Back with Saffron Juice, Chinese Cabbage Cannelloni and Candied Carrots 26.00 €

All our beef comes from cattle born, raised and slaughtered in Burgundy Franche-Comté
Roast Duck Tournedos “Saône et Loire”, Gingerbread Juice, Turnip Boule d’Or with Orange 25.00 €
Fillet of Charolais Beef ” Saône et Loire ” Pan-fried, Marrow Juice, Thyme Fondant Apples 32.50 €
Filet Mignon de Porc ” Ferme de Clavisy ” (Yonne) Low Temperature Cooking, Old Fashioned Mustard, Crushed Pumpkin with Olive Chips 24.00 €
Roasted calf sweetbread, Vanilla and Espelette pepper cream, Fresh Tagliatelle 34.00 €

Vegan Corner
Sweet Potato Soup 13.50 €
Vegan Plate “Hot” 20.00 €

Canaille Corner
Sliced Veal Head with Gribiche Sauce Entrée 15.00 €
Sliced Veal Head with Gribiche Sauce 22.50 €
Tripe with Rosé de Marsannay Entrée 15.00 €
Tripe with Rosé de Marsannay Plat 22.50 €
Pan-fried Lamb Cervelle, Lemon Butter and Capers Entrée 16.00 €
Pan-fried Lamb Cervelle, Lemon Butter and Capers Dish 24.00 €

Crème Brûlée with Coffee and Roasted Pear, Hazelnut tuile 9.00 €
Clementine Crisp, Ivory Mousse with Timut Pepper 9.00 €
Creamy Yuzu and Passion on Coconut Genoa Bread 9.00 €
Abinao Chocolate Entremets, Mango Sorbet 9.00 €
Crepes with Crème de Cassis 9.00 €
Red Fruit Mirror 9.00 €
Dessert of the moment 9.00 €

All our desserts are “Home made” except the ice creams and sorbets coming from the house “Glaces des Alpes”.

Degustation Menu 55€

Genuine Burgundy Parsley Ham “Maison Sabatier”

Fillet of White Jura Trout Steamed with Aligoté

Three Burgundy Snails

Trou Bourguignon

Poached Egg in Meurette

Red Label Farmhouse Chicken from Burgundy, Coq au Vin style, steamed potatoes

Selection of Regional Cheeses

Red Fruit Mirror

Terroir Menu

Starter and Main Course or Main Course and Dessert: 26.50 €
Starter, Main course, Cheese or Dessert : 35.00 €
Starter, Main course, Cheese and Dessert : 42.00 €

Six Burgundy Snails
or Poached Eggs in Meurette
ou Genuine Burgundy Parsley Ham

The Dishes
Fillet of White Jura Trout Steamed with Aligoté
or “Label Rouge” farm chicken from Burgundy, Coq au Vin style, steamed potatoes
or Beef Bourguignon, Fresh Pasta

Red Fruit Mirror
or Pancakes with Blackcurrant Cream
or Duo of Vine Peach & Blackcurrant Sorbet *

*The ice creams come from the house ” Glaces des Alpes “.